Municipality of Macerata

Logo Città di Macerata
Logo Città di Macerata
Institution name (in the original language)
Comune di Macerata
Full Address
Piazza della Libertà, 3

The city of Macerata is a town of around 40.000 inhabitants, located in the Marche Region in central Italy, an area full of cultural and architectural beauties which recognize the city as one of its main cultural and creative hubs.

Macerata is located in the hinterland, between the seaside and the Sibillini Mountains and can boast a rich and active social life thanks to the presence of a University of ancient traditions, an Academy of Arts and more than 150 associations, which enrich the offer of events, from the environment to culture, from entrepreneurship to volunteering.

The Municipality of Macerata is responsible for the management of its population and its territory, in particular, regarding cultural, social and economic issues. Macerata has solid experience in organizing and managing major cultural events, as well as planning and managing projects funded under regional, national and EU funds.