Festival Vinarium in Lendava

Festival Vinarium [Image by Blaž Weindorfer, CC BY-ND]
Festival Vinarium [Image by Blaž Weindorfer, CC BY-ND]
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From late August until beginning of September every year
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The Vinarium Festival, which takes place in late August and early September, combines the traditional Lendava events, of which the most notable is the ethno-culinary event Bogračfest, each year attracting thousands of visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Visitors are intrigued by the traditional Lendava grape harvest and its varied programme, which includes a procession with the presentation of local traditions. The events that are part of the Vinarium Festival are accompanied by a rich culinary offer enriched by the excellent Lendava wines. The evening ends in a musical and entertainment programme. The festival also includes a youth programme, making the event equally interesting for the youngest of visitors.