Croatia - La Belle Epoque Tour in Zadar

Zadar, Sea Organ, 12.07.2022 [Image by Fabio Šimićev, CC BY]
Zadar, Sea Organ, 12.07.2022 [Image by Fabio Šimićev, CC BY]
Itinerary subject
Cultural itinerary
Itinerary type
Walking itinerary
Zadar County
City of Zadar
Starting point
Research Library Zadar and State Archive Zadar, former Austrian military barracks
Ending point
Sea front - Riva and Sea organ
2 kilometers
2,5 hours
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The central theme of the route is the period from the 19th century to the First World War, the period when the city of Zadar takes off its "armor" and becomes from a warrior a "Bon vivant" a lover of easy living comfort. By the decree of Emperor Francis Joseph I (1868) Zadar ceases to be a fortress city, with the demolition of part of the city walls. Zadar opens up to the sea with a new waterfront, promenade-Riva. Cultural life flourishes, theatres are visited, concerts by world-famous artists are held, photography is developed, newspapers and books are printed, public reading rooms and libraries are full of scholars and researchers.