Gjirokastra Municipality

Gjirokaster Municipality
Gjirokaster Municipality
Institution name (in the original language)
Bashkia Gjirokaster
Full Address
Cerciz Topulli Square, Gjirokastër

The main area  of the Municipality is the city of Gjirokastra. According to the 2011 Census, the municipality has a population of 25,301 inhabitants. Meanwhile, according to the Civil Registry, it has 52,054 inhabitants. The municipality covers an area of ​​469.25 km2, with a density of 110.93 inhabitants/km2. This municipality consists of 7 administrative units. The new municipality of Gjirokastra consists of the city of Gjirokastra, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2005, as well as the surrounding hilly rural areas, mostly focused on livestock production. Gjirokastra is an Ottoman-style trading town, one of the few surviving in the Balkans. The city has over 800 historical buildings. The Archaeological Park of Antigonë-Adrianapole, which was created in 2005 with an area of ​​92 hectares, is part of the municipality. The main sources of the urban economy in Gjirokastër are tourism and manufacturing with custom material, which generally serves the foreign market. The municipality organizes the most beautiful cultural and artistic events  promoting the special values ​​of the city.