Day of City Zadar

Day of City Zadar [Image: Fabio Šimićev, CC BY]
Day of City Zadar [Image: Fabio Šimićev, CC BY]
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The holiday is the celebration of the patron saint of Zadar, St. Krševan ( Chrysogon ), and is also the celebration of Zadar City Day. Every year, a rich program is organised to celebrate the city of Zadar, which includes various concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and sports events edc. The celebration ends with a traditional holy mass.

St. Krševan (Chrysogon) -  As an image of a knight in armor on a horse, it can be found on the city's coat of arms and flag, as well as on several monuments and buildings in the city (Land Gate, Sea Gate, Town Hall...) The Church of St. Krševan is one of the most beautiful monuments of Romanesque architecture in Croatia, and the relics are in the Permanent Exhibition of Church Art.