Kosančić's park

One of the monument of Kosančić's wreath [Image: Unilib, CC BY]
One of the monument of Kosančić's wreath [Image: Unilib, CC BY]
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Kosančićev venac

Kosančićev venac (venac is metaphorical use of the word meaning wreath, an urban area on the hill facing the Sava river) is the area of ​​the oldest compact settlement in Belgrade with the preserved old grid of spontaneously formed streets, old street curtains, tree rows and an environment with a large number of old houses that document the historical development of this part of Belgrade. The boundaries of Kosančić's hill include historical places with the remains of settlements and the necropolis of the Roman Singidunum, as well as the first suburbs outside the former boundaries of the city.

This part of Belgrade is a tiny urban area in which the original architecture has been preserved. The cobblestone gives a special charm, awakens the imagination that takes us through all the periods since the construction of this street. Romans and Celts walked these streets, later Turks, and then it became a haven for artists.