Ivan Kožarić: Prizemljeno sunce, 1971. (original site)

Ivan Kožarić: Grounded Sun [image by Petar Dabac?, InC EDU]
Ivan Kožarić: Grounded Sun [image by Petar Dabac?, InC EDU]
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City of Zagreb
Upper Town
Trg Republike Hrvatske

Our first point in the tour is a very recognizable, a kind of fixed Zagreb landmark.

Ivan Kožarić's sculpture Grounded Sun is presently located in Bogovićeva street. Iinitially, it was made of fiberglass, and according to the author's initital idea, it should have changed its physical appearance in relation to the rhythm of the seasons - during the year in polished metal, and over the summer in white fiberglass - for psychological reasons. The geometrically perfect shape of the sphere represents a metaphorically rich idea of ​​the sun permanently landing on a public surface, and the golden color with its brilliance and intensity was supposed to suggest the properties and nature of that celestial body. Sculpture can be understood at the same time as figurative and abstract, easy to understand and loaded with symbolic meanings. With its astonishing appearance at one of the busiest traffic intersections in the city, when it was firstly displayed in 1971-near the National Theater- it provoked reactions from citizens who responded to its tacit call in various ways, and some of the strange events surrounding the sculpture were recorded on the Ivan Ladislav Galeta film strip. It was also the first non-monumental sculpture in the inner city of Zagreb.