Ivan Kožarić: Antun Gustav Matoš, 1978

Ivan Kožarić, Antun Gustav Matoš, 1978 [image Marija Braut, InC EDU]
Ivan Kožarić, Antun Gustav Matoš, 1978 [image Marija Braut, InC EDU]
POI Number
Public sculpture
City of Zagreb
Upper town
Strossmayerovo šetalište

Architect Branko Silađin placed the monument to the writer Antun Gustav Matoš in the ambience of the promenade.

Kožarić reacted to traditional public plastics, deviating from them.

By using modern materials-aluminum-placing Matoš on a bench similar to the others in the series and renouncing the pedestal as a symbolic barrier between the work of art and the surrounding space, Kožarić consciously deviates from the classic rules for designing monumental plastic. It lowers the pedestal to the ground, the inviolability is lost, it creates a more intimate connection with the audience. The ceremonial inscription, which is usually carved, has been replaced by an unobtrusive solution, a plaque embossed into the wall opposite the monument that records one of Matoš's thoughts.

The writer rests leaning against the back of the bench and contemplates looking at his city.

It is shown by synthesizing volume shaping, without large details, compressed torso, crossed legs, ball-head.

An unavoidable part of the vision and identity of the city.