House of Vojislav Jovanović Marambo

A view from the inside [Image: Unilib, CC BY]
A view from the inside [Image: Unilib, CC BY]
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Birčaninova 24

Vojislav Jovanović Marambo’s House is important historical and university site. Marambo was an distinguished diplomat, historian of literature, above all folklorist and archivist, and accomplished writer. He was celebrated as the man who almost singlehandedly returned state documents related to the outbreak of the Great War (WW1) that were taken to Vienna in the World War 2 back to Belgrade. His sister Slavka Jovanović fulfilling his wish left all of her brother's legacy and their family house, built in 1883, to the University Library. Folk Literature Department of the University Library was opened in 1988. This bequest houses a library with 6,292 volumes, manuscripts, 22 photographic plates and more than 1300 photos. The special preciousness of this house is Vojislav Jovanović Marambo's fully preserved study room, which, with an authentic desk, objects on it, an old gramophone and records, notes in drawers and glazed bookshelves, represents him and the time when he lived.