Church of Our Lady of Health

Church of our Lady of Health [Image: Fabio Šimićev, CC BY]
Church of our Lady of Health [Image: Fabio Šimićev, CC BY]
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City of Zadar
Zadar County
Ul. Braće Bilišić 1, 23000, Zadar
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The painting of the Lady of Castello, painted by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin (Blaise de Trogir) in the 15th century, was preserved in the Church of Our Lady of Health, and today it is a part of the permanent display of the Exhibition of Religious Art, the so-called Gold and Silver of Zadar. The church has been very popular among many generations of Zadar citizens.

When in 1752 a massive fire broke out at the Arsenal, a warehouse that was storing gunpowder for the war fleet of the Republic of Venice, the citizens of Zadar desperately called upon the Lady of Castello, or today Our Lady of Health. Since the fire burned itself out thanks to the help of Our Lady, the citizens of Zadar organize a procession every year on 21st November and distribute fritule (fritters) to passers-by, as a sign of gratitude to the Lady. The stone plate with words of appreciation to Our Lady and the description of events, was destroyed during the Second World War bombing of Zadar.