Biblioteca comunale Mozzi Borgetti - Mozzi Borgetti Civic Library

Macerata, Mozzi Borgetti Library [Image by Andrea Petinari,  CC BY ND]
Macerata, Mozzi Borgetti Library [Image by Andrea Petinari, CC BY ND]
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Public Library
Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2
306 mt

Founded in 1773, the public library of the city is named after the two most prominent promoters and benefactors.

The library was established in the building formerly belonging to the Jesuit college, then, upon suppression of the order, the library was open to the public in 1787.

The City Library can boast a great book heritage (more than 350.000 volumes) with some rare and valuable books dating back to the XIII Century.

The old part of the library houses the Old rooms, beautiful rooms painted with grotteschi and whose original structure was left untouched, whereas, in the modern part, you can profit from several reading rooms, one public library, one space for kids and families and a modern auditorium.

The last floor hosts a Museum, dedicated to Padre Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit priest from the 16th Century, famous for being able to open a dialogue with the Ming dynasty.

Educational Resources

The Library hosts many valuable and ancient volumes, such as the Astronomicum caesareum Apianus (1540).  The book is noted for its visual appeal. Printed and bound decoratively, it included several Volvelles that allow users to calculate dates and the positions of constellations.

Here the link to the Youtube video, containing the book’s explanation.